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Baixa da Maia

Profundidad Máxima 24 metros
Certification PADI AOWD

Located at the East part of the island at approx. 8nm from the marina, this is a very small islet located in front of Maia small village.The islet is very small, approx. 10 Sq. mtrs, and starting from the surface we can go to depths of approx. 18-24 mtrs, being that most of the dive is done between 16-20mtrs.

Gruta Azul

Profundidad Máxima 18 metros
Certification PADI OWD

Located at the east side of the Island at approx. 11nm from the marina. This is one of our favorite dives, with a maximum depth of 17 mtrs and average depth of 13 -14 mtrs this is a cave with 3 possible entrances and exists that cross a point of the island from one side to the other.


Profundidad Máxima 32 metros
Certification PADI AOWD

Located in the south part of the Island, at approx. 4nm from the marina this is one of the mandatory dives in the island.Composed by several small pinnacles at one site, its beautiful lava formations and canyons are magnificent; also it has two galleries that clients can pass thru very easily.