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Freedive Trips Types

See in the images above all the information about the different freedive trip types from each dive center, schedules, meeting points, prices and other details.

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Cova do Sono

Profondità Massima 12 metri
PADI Freediver or equivalent

Cova-do-Sono is a sheltered bay, with a maximum depth of 12 meters. Cova-do-Sono has a varied orography, with various rock formations and some caverns, two of them crossing the island in opposite directions. It has feeding grounds for sea-breams, cow breams and two-banded sea-breams that gather in shoals that seem to have no end. It is also common for pelagics to enter the bay, such as trevallies and large mackerel, which come to feed on the shoals of small fish that seek shelter there. All this makes Cova-do-Sono an excellent place for rreedive. It is a place without current, with visibilities between 10 and 15 meters.


Profondità Massima 15 metri
PADI Freediver ou equivalente

Flanders is a sheltered and calm bay, ideal for freedive. Freediving starts on a sandy bottom where gurnards are common, and there is a small cavern where you can find fork-beards among other creatures. You will also pass over the wreck of a small shipwreck where octopuses are common. It is a place without current, with visibilities between 10 and 15 meters.