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North Ship

Maximale Tiefe 33 meter

This is the name given to this shipwreck by the fishermen and the community of northern divers that is located off the fishing village of Vila Chã. Also called by Tiber, for there are some indications of being an English steamer that sank in the area in the nineteenth century. The remains of the shipwreck can still be observed, part of the cargo like cannons and their bullets and also several sheets of copper. There is evidence that steam boilers or what remains of them are in the vicinity of the wreck, but their location has not yet been precisely defined.

The wreck lies at a depth of 33 meters, on a sandy bottom. It is possible to observe enormous shoals of pout, immense congros and octopuses and also lavagantes, crab and sandalwood.

Submarine U-1277

Maximale Tiefe 31 meter

The U1277 was one of the last German submarines to be launched into the water during World War II. Its dimensions were 67.23 meters long, 6.20 meters of pontoon, 4.74 meters of mouth and 9.55 meters of height and its crew was formed by 47 men. Their initial mission would be to patrol the northern entrance of the Channel Channel. It was sunk on the night of June 3, 1945, by the crew that surrendered to the Portuguese authorities, weeks after the German surrender, off the Cape of the World, Matosinhos.

It was rediscovered for diving in 1973 where it lies 31 meters deep, on a sandy bottom. The stern is completely silted and is tilted to port at about 45 degrees. Although it presents a considerable degradation for some decades of stay in the sea, it is still possible to observe much of the periscope. In the bow, which is already partially destroyed, we can still see the torpedo lances and the rudder.

Usually you can also see huge shoals of pout, huge congers and octopuses, lavagantes and white and pink anemones. The U1277 is undoubtedly an icon of diving in Portugal, exhibiting perhaps the most representative and seductive wreck of the Portuguese coast.

The Barge

Maximale Tiefe 27 meter

The Barge, also known as Cantanhede, was shipwrecked in December 1959 as a result of a heavy storm, along with another barge and a tugboat
Causing the death of all nineteen crew members of the three vessels. This shipwreck lies about 3 miles offshore, at the junction of the mouth of the Douro. It lies 27 meters deep on a sandy bottom. Although already quite destroyed still remains much of the bow and stern. From the central zone there are only portions of the cavername.

It is the preferred spot for night dives by many divers, presented huge anemones covering the wreck and large shoals of pout, as well as enough congers and octopuses. In night dives it is frequent the sighting of some squid. It is a dive site where strong currents are prevalent and where phantom nets are usually found.